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We here at Lee Tan & Partners are dedicated to providing our clients and customers with personalized Solutions and consolidation plans. We specialize in debt management, debt consolidation, and debt collection.


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We specialize in the collection of commercial accounts receivable (A/R), bad debts, pre-collection outsourcing services, as well as many other aspects of debt recovery and collection services


Our firm offers professional, personalized plans and debt consolidation and collection services. Our director handles and reviews all cases, as he has experience working in law enforcement and private investigation. 

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We handle commercial cases dealing with debt collection, bad debts, issues in accounts receivable (A/R), and other financial services.

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Our firm contacts your firm's debtors by any means necessary and resolves all collection issues and payment plans before legal proceedings start. 

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The benefits to working with us include increased profit and revenue, low trace fees, and certain accounts that can be written off.

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