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We specialize in debt management, debt consolidation, and debt collection.

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About Us

Lee Tan & Partners

We here at Lee Tan and Partners are dedicated to providing our clients and customers with personalized Solutions and consolidation plans. We specialize in debt management, debt consolidation, and debt collection. With over ten years of experience in the debt consolidation Services industry, we have come across and handled many types of cases, so we have the experience to help anyone call regardless of their level of debt and their type of case.

Our star asset and most of our valuable experience are due to our main director, who has a long history of working in law enforcement and has much experience in private investigation.

Our firm takes on debt collection and consolidation cases. Still, we also deal with commercial accounts receivable collection, pre-collection outsourcing attainment of debts, and a few other special debt recovery services. No matter what type of credit issue or problem your company is going through, we have the expertise to offer advice on what your company must do and create a plan of action to get your company to a far more financially stable position. We can help review terms and conditions on pre-sale accounting and review status reports.

Our firm can also assist your company in resolving any cash flow issues you may be experiencing. Companies and organizations usually land up in hot water when they cannot consolidate accounts, and they become overdue. With our expertise, your company will maintain your account receivable and retain the positive, beneficial relationship you have created over the years between your company and your clients.

With our specialists and our expertise at your side, your company and your board of directors will have the assurance they need to conduct business as we repair any financial issues. If anyone is in doubt, all they need to do is look through our long list of happy and satisfied clients who have been able to repair their financial issues and keep their company in the green and operating smoothly.

Whatever assets and resources our clients need to improve their financial standing, increase cash flow, and attain outstanding balances from late payers, we will happily provide for them. It is best to act quickly in the debt consolidation and recovery industry, as the law does state that any outstanding receivables that are more than a year old are no longer worth their full value. These debts are only worth 10% of their original value. So that is why Lee Tan & Partners prefers to act quickly and get you your money back.

The relationship we have with our clients is important to us. It is our pride when we see first-time customers return so we can help them with their problems again and again. Our expertise and research Department will provide us with all the information we need about your company and give us the information we need on your debtors and who owes you money. With your permission, we will use every avenue we need to get back your money or seek appropriate compensation from anyone who owes you money. You can be as Hands-On or hands-off in the recovery process as you wish.

If it comes to it, we may require the services of our Private Investigations Department to make contact with those who owe you money. Our team of effective and well-trained debt collectors has special training specifically for debt collection. They can use the appropriate technology, along with other resources, to conduct a thorough investigation. Our goal is to help our clients with all types of debt recovery and consolidation issues, including legal advice, and resolve specific cases as soon as possible.