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How do we do it?

Lee Tan and Partners handle all debt consolidation and recovery through the proper financial and legal channels. One of our firm’s founding principles is to aid companies in the consolidation and recovery of their debts through official legal frameworks, no matter how complicated. Here is the outline of the method we take to resolve our client’s debt issues.

Efficient Recovery

Debt Recovery Process

  • First, we will place a collection account, fill in the debtors' details, and ensure that the account is verified. Then people negotiate an agreeable boundary between our clients and the debtor regarding your payment or discounts on the standing balance.
  • Our next step is to contact the debtor any way we can, whether by telephone, email, message, or even a face-to-face meeting. The reason for contacting the debtor is to establish a way to settle the debt without needing to go into legal negotiations. Most of the client's cases are resolved before legal proceedings begin. If contacting the debtor is not possible, our firm will do our best to assess the financial situation and negotiate any assets that can be used to settle the debt.
  • However, legal action may need to occur if the debtor does not respond to any of our attempts to contact them. If the case does move into legal proceedings, we will advise you on the appropriate steps you must take and inform you of the overall cost of the proceedings. We will do this to inform our clients of the process and so they can understand the associated costs.
  • We will create and deliver a report as needed, and the report will be created twice a month, every month, or every quarter.
  • If the case does move into legal action, the legal costs that our clients will incur will be minimum at best since we are experienced in the financial sector of the legal system. Since we have many cases currently in process, we understand how to navigate the system and its customs and culture to improve the rate of debt recovery.

Account Placed

Negotiation Process



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