We help you with all of your debt-related needs.

Our Services


We specialize in the collection of commercial accounts receivable (A/R), bad debts, pre-collection outsourcing services, as well as many other aspects of debt recovery and collection services such as:-

    • Recovery of self employment schemes
    • Consumer Loans
    • Vehicle Loans
    • Commercial Loans
    • Bad Cheque
    • Overdraft Facilities
    • Credit Card Accounts
    • Mortgage Home Loans
    • Utilities
    • Retail / Departmental Store Accounts
    • Receivables management
    • and many more….
  • We have an island wide network of agents that are ready to attend to field calls 7 days a week, if and when required to:
    • Verify debtor details (eg: address, entity, contact details)
    • Identify intentions to repay debt, and
    • Verify the need for post legal litigation
    • Skip Tracing

The benefits:-

  • Reduce write off accounts
  • Increase profitability
  • No trace – no fee policy
  • Low trace fee


Debt Collections

If you are not sure how to collect back your money or have exhausted all your methods/means in trying to recover it, worry no more, all you need is to leave your problems with Lee Tan & Partners. Our Debt Collection Service is generally based on a No Collect — No Fee commission basis on monies collected whether paid direct or through our office, once the file is placed with us.

It is often a hassle calling customers reminding them of unpaid invoices, while employing someone just to do this can prove costly. Therefore, why not allow us to perform this specific task for your company. Everyone knows cash flow is vital in any business operation. Lee Tan & Partners are experts in receivables management and has helped many businesses get back on their feet.

A proactive approach from our team of experienced staff ensures that queries and excuses are dealt with just before the invoice is due. To ensure that our clients will retain worthwhile business and customer services, we contact their customers under our clients’ company name as if we are part of the organization. We do not take any action that would risk our clients of losing their hard earned customers. We also help to credit check and monitor all new and existing customers for risk assessment.

Our cost effective method will help to improve cash flow; even for companies that factor, enhance customer service, and increase profitability for your business. The administration is also kept to a minimum with the sales ledger being sent in hard or soft copy. All payments are sent direct to you by the customer in the usual way.

With a dedicated professional taking care of your business every working day, you can finally relax and not worry about unpaid invoices.

An end of month report will be generated and e-mailed to highlight problem accounts with recommendations on how to resolve them. These reports are tailored to individual requirements.

The cost of this service is a fixed monthly fee based on the average number of accounts and the level of involvement required. Don’t hesitate further, call us for a non-obligatory consultation and see what difference we can make for your business.

Field Calls 

Imagine some of your customers have shifted to new premises and fail to update their new address with you, resulting in huge amounts being written off accounts simply because you are unable to locate / contact them.

Lee Tan & Partners can help you resolve this problem and reduce the number of write off accounts. We can help you to locate accurate and up-to-date forwarding address information where an individual or company has left their previous address.

‘Gone away’ cases can be broken down into these main areas: Unintentional, relief seeking and criminal. People who are in debts will make attempts to avoid payment which, may simply means returning mail marked as ‘shifted’ to moving address and making strenuous efforts to not being found. They may also unintentionally fail to notify you of their new address details.

Based on what information you may provide us, our skip tracing service can locate up to 90% of ‘gone away’ cases, providing you with accurate and up-to-date forwarding address information.

Lee Tan & Partners utilizes the most up-to-date information databases and technology available, coupled together with our Private Investigation skills, we are able to track down most ‘gone away’ cases.

We can effect service of legal documentation via our network of experienced investigators, process servers, ensuring fast and efficient service of the documents along with correct and proper affidavits of service necessary for you to obtain your judgment in Court.

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